Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the shabbesmakeup.com (hereinafter: “the website”), this website is powered by ”iccosmetics ” (hereinafter: ”Website Manager”).

These Terms of use (hereinafter: “Terms and/or Terms of use” define the users rights and obligations when using the website, please read these terms thoroughly as they are a binding agreement between you and the Website Manager.

The use of the website indicates your consent to these terms.

The masculine form has been chosen for reasons of convenience alone, and they refer to women as well.

These conditions apply to the use of the website and the services provided by any communication device (such as a cell phone, tablets, etc.). They also apply to the use of the website, either through the Web network, or by the means of any other network or media.

1- General Rules


  • Any person accessing or using this website shall be considered a User. The status of User entails full, unreserved and express acceptance of these General Conditions, as well as those particular conditions that, if appropriate, rule the use of the website or any of the services linked to it, including businesses that publish on the website (hereinafter: “the User”).
  • If you do not agree with the terms of use, you are asked to refrain from using the website and accessing its content
  • The Terms of use instructions overrule any other information found on the website. This protocol will be binding and will serve in favor of the parties, their agents, their heirs, and any other authorized representative.
  • The Website Manager may unilaterally modify or update the contents and services, this Legal Note and in general all the elements of design and configuration that form this website, might change the terms of use on the website without any prior notice to its users and the user cannot derogate the terms of use and their application. If the User does not accept the general conditions of access and use, he or she shall refrain from using the website and accessing its content.
  • The chapter titles and headings are brought only for navigation purposes and finding one’s way throughout the website and are not legally binding.
  • The website is an advertising platform for shop owners and/or Sellers of fashion products and other items for religious women, where products can be published and purchased.
  • The website allows potential buyers to contact the shops and/or Sellers on the website.
  • For the sake of a Seller, the website is not a proxy and/or is not a party to transactions that will be made between Sellers on the website, the website is a promotional tool only. The website provider does not produce and/or market and/or sell and/or supply any of the products.
  • The User who undertakes to use the website as well as the information regarding its services and/or activities declares that he understands and knows that the website and all of its content is not a substitute for legal advice and/or a substitute for advice of any kind.


2- Content:


  • The website will include guides, texts, images, and other information (hereinafter: “Content”).
  • The content is offered to the user for personal and non-commercial use and to the extent permitted by the fair use rules by law.
  • The information concerning the services on the Website is a concise description only, therefore the Website Manager is not responsible for perfectly matching the information presented to the services and/or products.
  • The Website Manager will do everything in its power to maintain the proper functioning of the Website, by avoiding any errors or solving them, and to keep the content up to date but disclaims any commitment and will not commit to any results.


3- Products sold on the website:


  • The products sold on the website are fashion products for religious women, items for children, Judaica, etc. (hereinafter: “Products”).
  • The products are sold by the shops and/or Sellers advertising on the website.
  • Every Seller and/or store publishing on the website have their own terms and policies for selling their products, including: Prices, supplies and shipments, cancellations and returns, product quality and/or product characteristics and/or any other item related to the products they commercialize.
  • The Website Manager hereby disclaims liability for the contact between the store and/or the Seller and the customer, it is up to the customer to review the terms of the transaction with the store and/or the Seller.
  • An invoice and/or receipt for the purchase will be issued to the customer by the store and/or the Seller alone, the Website Manager is not a party in the transaction and therefore does not issue invoices to the customer.
  • The prices of the products are listed on each one of the stores and/or Seller pages on the website.
  • It is hereby clarified that the store and/or Seller may update the prices of the products on the website every now and then and at its sole discretion.
  • It is hereby clarified that if product prices are updated prior to the end of the user-selected service selection process, the customer will be charged accordingly to the updated prices.
  • It is up to the Seller to respond to any claim or complaint regarding the Products they have advertised online or about their description, the Website Manager will not be responsible nor blamed in any way for communication gaps and/or the dispatching and delivery of the Products by the Seller and his communication with the customer.
  • The Website Manager shall not be blamed for products which require kosher supervision (shaatnez) sold by the shops and/or sellers on the site, the Website Manager disclaims any obligation to the authenticity of the items, and any claim or complaint of this kind shall be referred directly to the Seller, which shall alone be responsible for dealing with the same. All buyers are invited to contact the shop and/or the sellers to inquire and if necessary inform us for the removal of the product from the website.
  • Only a valid credit card can be used for purchases.
  • Any claim or complaint shall be referred directly to the Seller, which shall alone be responsible for dealing with the same. The Website Manager should be contacted only in case the store and/or seller is not responding.


4- Website Manager’s Limitations of Responsibility as part of the use of the website


  • This website is a publishing platform only.
  • The Website Manager disclaims any liability towards the client concerning the authenticity or accuracy of any content displayed on the site, may it be content belonging to the Website Manager and/or content provided by a third party.
  • The Website Manager disclaims any liability towards the user arising from any activity performed by the User on the Website in case of damage caused by the use of any content displayed on this site 
  • The user and/or any third party who believes that the Content causes or may cause damage to the user, shall contact the Website Manager and alert him to this as soon as he becomes aware of this. The Website Manager will check the subject and may remove the content if he considers it right. The Website Manager disclaims liability for any conflict and/or damage caused by the use of the site and its contents. or any activity performed by

the User on the website

  • The Website Manager shall not be held responsible nor is responsible for the users interaction with the advertisers and/or sellers and/or stores on the site, either directly or indirectly.
  • The website and all its displayed content or products advertised are provided as is, with no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.
  • The website is offered to the public “as is”.
  • The Website Manager will not be responsible for adapting the site to the user’s needs should the user experience difficulty enjoying the services provided by the website as described above.
  • The user hereby declares the Website Manager exempted from any responsibility, warranty, directly or indirectly, in any case a transaction and/or browsing in the website would not be achieved, partly and/or fully, for any reason and the Website Manager is not responsible or liable for any technical problem and/or any other issue that might prevent the use of the website.
  • The Website Manager checks the content that is brought up to the site, and does everything in his power to ensure its quality and accuracy, however, the Website Manager cannot guarantee that all content will fully meet user’s expectations, and/or won’t be exempted of mistakes (Whether technical or concerning the displayed content), and/or that it will be completely compatible with the moral standards of each user – therefore the Website Manager, and/or anyone on his behalf will not be held responsible and disclaim any liability for losses arising from any activity performed by the User on the website, such as, but not limited to, any losses of data, any loss of a sale or purchase opportunity, any loss of earnings, of turnover, of business activity, of opportunities or of clients, any damage to the User’s reputation or interruptions of their activity, and any indirect loss or damage incurred by the User, or any impediment or delay in the performance of its obligations caused by any act or omission on the part of a User (or of any person acting for and on the User’s behalf) or arising from force majeure including emotional harm, mental anguish, income loss, and/or profit prevention caused by any reason.
  • The Website Manager does not guarantee that the on-site services will not be interrupted, provided as a flawless and uninterrupted service, and/or will be immune from illegal access to the website servers, damages, faults, hardware failures, Software or communication lines for the site or any of its suppliers or other reasons The Website Manager does not guarantee neither the availability and continuity of the access to the Website nor the absence of errors in its content and will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, aggravation, and so on. 
  • Without limiting all the above mentioned, the Website Manager will not be liable for damages related to any amount of money higher than than the price of the products dully ordered and paid by the user up to the time of the purchase.


6- Website Intellectual Property Disclaimer


  • All intellectual property rights concerning the content displayed on the website, including copyrights, distribution rights, trade secrets, trademarks, and all intellectual property of any kind, which includes the design of the website, images, graphics files, applications, computer coding, texts and/or any other material belong to the Website Manager or third parties that consented to have them published on the Website.
  • There is no signing-in option or permission to purchase any of the website’s content nor is any license granted which would give access and/or rights to the content displayed on the site and/or parts of it and/or nor any of the coding nor any other content.
  • Do not copy and/or duplicate fully or partially, publicly display, distribute, perform publicly, transfer to the public domain, Modify, process, or create derivative works, sell or rent any of this content, by any means and media, and/or publish and/or transmit and/or auction and/or trade and/or create derivative works, and/or assign and/or give license and/or make any commercial use of any part of the site and/or content, including connecting it to other devices or receptors (physical, wireless, or otherwise), and in any other way unless with the Website Manager’s explicit consent – the use of the header, logo and trademarks displayed on the website is prohibited without permission from the Website Manager.
  • The user is committed to not infringe on the copyright of the site management, either directly or indirectly, in return or in return.
  • The user is committed to not performing any action, directly or indirectly, that could compromise property rights.
  • Any use that violates copyrights and/or intellectual property as set forth above will be used as grounds for closing the user account without any prior notice, and he will be subject to all expenses related to the damages caused by the website’s misuse to the Website Manager and/or the website customers and/or the user themselves, and/or expenses for closing the user’s account, and/or preventing the user from continuing his activity by blocking his access to the websites, taking in account all additional compensations the Website Manager might be entitled to by force of agreement and/or by law. Infiltrating a website’s computer system is a criminal offense according to the applicable law in Israel.
  • It will also be clarified that some of the content is not necessarily the intellectual property of Website Manager, but the Website Manager has received explicit permission to use it for commercial purposes by the means of a proper license.
  • Every doubt concerning the intellectual property as shown above will be applied and will be valid also for such content.


6- Third-party advertisements, links, and website referral:


  • The Website Manager or anyone on his behalf will not be responsible for any publishing content or other commercial information posted on the site. None of the content published on the website consists in recommendation and/or opinion or encouragement or solicitation from the Website Manager and in fact all decisions regarding the use of the content that the user finds on the site will only be made by the user himself and at the user’s sole responsibility.
  • Links and/or referral to other Websites and/or information sources and/or bodies and/ or organizations and/or other companies may appear on the site (hereinafter: “Links”).
  • The Website Manager does not guarantee that none of links found on the site will be broken or will redirect to an inactive website. 
  • A link on our website does not mean that the target website content is reliable, complete or up-to-date, and the Website Manager will not be responsible for this.
  • The Website Manager shall not be liable for any content hosted on third party websites that could be accessed using the referral links – these will be the responsibility of the third party sites themselves
  • The User and the third party providers shall be the sole responsibles for all communication between them, and the Website Manager will have no responsibility and/or obligation concerning such communications.
  • The Website Manager may remove previously included links from the site, or avoid adding new links—all at his absolute discretion.
  • We strongly recommend that the User read thoroughly the terms of use and privacy policy of those links before using them.
  • Without derogating from the abovementioned, the Website Manager hereby shall not be liable for any content that is hosted on third party websites that are accessible from the website; these shall be the responsibility of the third party sites themselves and disclaims liability for any damage or loss —indirect or direct—caused to the user or his property as a result of the use or reliance on the information and content that is displayed on third party sites by the means of the links displayed on the site and/or for the use or reliance on information and content that is published on the site by third parties.


7- Interruption of the service and indemnities 


  • The Website Manager may, at his sole discretion, prevent any user from running the site services, including by blocking an IP number if he does not meet the terms of this agreement.
  • If a user has violated these terms of use, the Website Manager, at his sole discretion, is entitled to disclose the name and information known to him in any legal proceeding, even if a judicial order is not given.
  • The user will compensate the Website Manager for any claim, charges, and/or lawsuit, and/or damage and/or loss, loss of profit, payment or expenses, including interests and reasonable legal fees, which might be caused to the Website Manager and/or any user on their behalf as a result of not following the rules and/or violating any kind of law and/or third party rights, and/or as a result of specifications, information or files that the user has submitted to publication, and/or as a result of the user’s failures, as expressed directly and/or indirectly
  • The Website Manager does not guarantee  neither the availability and continuity of the access to the Website nor the absence of errors in its content, that the site will not be closed and/or that its activity will not be temporarily terminated or permanently closed and reserves the right to close the site and/or its activity at any time at his sole discretion


8 – Assignment of rights and obligations


  • Without compromising the agreement above, it is hereby agreed that the Website Manager may protest his debts and claim what’s due to him at any time according to these terms or by the means of a third party at his sole discretion, including the transfer of all/most of his assets, through sale, merger, and/or in any other way, as well as the third party will be entitled to claim the payments related to the user’s debts, provided the user’s rights will not be affected according to this agreement, at the moment of the transfer of ownership.
  • In the same case, the user information that the site administration has will be transferred to the third party, which will receive the rights on the site, and the user agrees to this in advance.


9- Forbidden uses


  • The user agrees not to make any illegal use of the site or any use other than the according to the following conditions, including uses that could potentially affect or disable the website or compromise user experience of other users on the website.
  • The user agrees not to get or attempt to obtain information or material contained on the site by any means other than the ones provided by the website to its users, nor to gather any information about other users without their consent.
  • The user is not allowed to transfer, grant under a sub-license or provide secondary permissions, in any way, any of their rights or obligations under this agreement on their own initiative, without prior approval and written permission by the Website Manager. The Website Manager hereby announces that his policy is to oppose the assignment of user rights and obligations initiated by users, and therefore would probably not approve a customer’s request to do so.


9- Other Conditions


  • The terms of use and any other data are at the sole discretion of the Website Manager, which may be changed every now and then without prior notice, at his sole discretion.
  • The service runs on the Web, so that by its nature it depends on external factors such as infrastructure providers, communication providers, server conditions, storage, and so on that it may be affected, shutdown or damaged for different reasons. The Website Manager does not guarantee or commit that the site’s activity will be uninterrupted and/or unaffected and/or free of failures and/or immune from unauthorized access to the computers’ servers, attacks, faults, hardware failures, Software or communication lines failures for the service or any of its suppliers or harmed by any other cause, and our services shall not be liable for the damages that may occur in computer systems nor will be responsible for any direct or indirect harm, emotional distress or material damages caused by such failures


  • The website’s computer records of all activities carried out through the site will, as a matter of principle, serve as proof of the operational accuracy.


10- Customer Support Service and Contact:


  • The Customer Support Service for the site will be run from Sunday to Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00 hours by the support system on the website.
  • Customer Support Service will provide technical support by the means of the technical support system, requests at our website or e-mail inquiries within 24 hours.
  • The communication will be made when all customer’s details are provided, and the website administration assures that your requests will be handled quickly and efficiently and if necessary the Website Manager will take contact with you on the phone