shabbes makeup is strictly kosher and Durable makeup. The Direct instructions and  supervision give us the  benefit become kosher comities. every time you Dye with makeup for long time it’s sustainable in shababet. Our makeup sustain on,  only a few hours and Gradually stepwise. Hey,  don’t  forget you always can renew!!    


All of our products manufactured 100% pure powder with no concerned of liquid. “Prohibition of spread” forbidden on Sabbath to “rubber”.  did you ever tried to spread  flour? 🙂 That is why our products permissible to use in shabbet.



The different between shabbes makeup and other  mineral companies in the world, it’s the process and consideration at all of our future costumers. therefore in addition to the Unique Pigments, we developed unique brush and   tpkheyurho they  concept the powder perfectly to the skin, it will look shining and  glowing.

Our manufactured in U.S.A & Italy. The formulas are made with the best component, best minerals, Organic Crops &  formulators. they developed  the cosmetics Mehadrin  minerals manufacturing line. We have the beautiful and the most glamor cosmetics wide world.  

No we have the  matte finish and shine. In shabbes  makeup the matte is on reflectiveoften with a powdery texture. It doesn’t use any oil, resulting in a look that may be described as “clean,” “sophisticat.
the shimmery quality in cosmetic make the makeup look shine and color additive.
In our products we added organic greenness & unripe  to Improv skin texture.