What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is the next trend in the world of makeup.

The aspiration to combine feminine beauty and nature stems from considering that for the last few years a worldwide ever-increasing awareness calls for testing everything one puts in his mouth or spreads across his skin, especially industrialized products which come in contact with the facial skin.


Nothing more natural therefore that women all around the world will tend to choose what’s healthier and eco-friendly in terms of makeup – and it is Mineral Makeup.


This is the reason why so many women who yearn for a healthy eco-friendly facial skin will ask no more and go for shabbesmakeup mineral makeup.


These are Makeup products manufactured with an intensive commitment to quality. Made out of pure minerals added to fresh organic plant components produced in private organic farms, they provide a unique experience when worn.


All products are gluten-free, with no artificial chemicals, oils or derivatives from oil industries, animal by-products or synthetic essences. These  ingredients might irritate the skin and cause premature aging, allergies, and pimples.


Shabbesmakeup mineral luxury products do not contain components that are disappointingly too often found in commercial makeup products which have negative effects on your skin’s health, such as acne, coumadagens (“black”), clogged pores, dryness, Coprose and skin irritation. Some artificial colors in these products have also been shown as carcinogens (agents with the capacity to cause cancer in humans)


That’s why Shabbesmakeup products actually suit pregnant women too, as well as convalescent or  sensitive women… and all those who dream of a healthier skin!


Shabbesmakeup’s makeup products contain zinc oxide, a soothing and natural anti-inflammatory material, as well as titanium dioxide – furthermore, both act as natural sunblocks with an SPF of 15-20.


They’re light and feel soft on the skin, giving the sensation of having a second fresh skin layer, while allowing your skin to breathe.


The mineral powder helps smoothing and fuzzing pores and delicate kematotes in order to achieve an attractive, healthy, and glamorous skin.


Since it’s a matter of passion, our vision at shabbesmakeup, is to bring nature to you and provide your skin with the healthiest makeup, without giving up on the quality or renouncing our passion for makeup.


We at shabbesmakeup, know very well how important your face skin is to you, which is why we are going to do everything at our reach to make you feel fresh, natural,… and even more beautiful!


In order to protect your skin from the damages of overexposure to the sunlight, toxic chemicals and free radicals, all of this while providing you with a perfect, luxurious user experience that will make you happy and fulfilled every time you will be near your mineral makeup products.

The company products are suitable for each and everyone, at any time or place. Offered with integrated brushes and advanced solutions which  will enhance your user experience making it comfy and available.

It is not for any reason that we chose “Always Beautiful” for a slogan, we will always be here to be the first to make  you feel so.