Happy to put on makeup on Shabbatot & Holidays!

"הינך יפה רעייתי, ושפתותיך חוט שני שבת המלכה, כמה את מחכה לה כל השבוע!"

Shabbath the queen! Haven’t you been yearning for it all week?
Shabbath is our holy resting day which brings us back to that place where everything is peace, calm and serenity. At the same time, this is the day when you dress up, wear your special Shabbat clothes, and make yourself beautiful!

On that precious day precisely – when every social event is more than holy; meeting friends and family, going to the Synagogue, Shabbat Chatan and so much more, we women are forbidden to dye or any derived activity which is one of the tasks Torah has proscribed among other Shabbath prohibitions… and there we find ourselves on Shabbath mornings wearing a new dress, a charming hat or a festive shoe but with an imperfect look since we are not to make-up on the holiest and most expected of our days.

Furthermore Shabbat too often comes in after we’ve taken care of everyone else and the whole house is shiny and bright, and we hardly had any time for… Ourselves! Time out for make up then, when we finally take a minute before Kabalat Shabbath and think to ourselves, if only I could have spread some pink blush on my cheeks, covered that stubborn pimple or thrown a little color on my lips …

Because makeup for us is not just an added color, and it’s no secret that for us, women, it is one of the things that turns our mood happy. That’s exactly why we’ve set up the company shabbesmakeup, a luxury mineral makeup that is permitted in Shabbatot & Holidays as well.

Shabbath Making up? Now, how on earth is that possible?

Shabbath Making up? Now, how would that be permissible?

So let’s take a few minutes to talk about that from an Jewish Ortodox point of view.

Among all labours proscribed in Shabbath and Holidays according to Torah Law two of them are:

Color Dyeing and Smoothing.

But there it is, we at shabbesmakeup have developed specially for you products which you’ll be able to use as you wish without transgressing, G-d forbid, any of the Shabbath prohibitions.

Dyeing: all issues concerning the use of any colorizing substance in Shabbath is related to the fact that the paint is meant to be fixed. The ingredients used for the Shabbat Makeup manufactured by the shabbesmakeup company are not steady and evaporate from the face after a few hours. So there is no danger of coloring at them altogether.

Smoothing: Spreading is an activity performed only when the preparation contains a moist substance among its ingredients.All Shabbesmakeup products allowed on Shabbath, are manufactured with natural mineral powder and do not contain any moist component such as oil, silicone or any other liquid, so there is no concern about smoothing.

You won’t have to be concerned about the melachot of erasing or cancelling which are forbidden on Shabbat, as shabbesmakeup’s makeups are permitted on Shabbat! and evaporate by themselves… and you’ll be able to retouch it within a few hours if your wish is to re-apply.

Out of the consciousness that a brush which has been used on weekdays and contains ordinary makeup residue is proscribed on shabbatot, we made sure, here at shabbesmakeup, to spare you from further purchases and all the products are provided with their own dedicated high quality integrated brushes specially designed for the most perfect and pleasant brushing on the facial skin.

All our products are manufactured with fresh and organic ingredients, natural minerals that will never cause your skin any harm or block the pores, so that you’ll be able even to sleep with the makeup on. We worry for your skin! in order that you’ll enjoy the carefree Shabbath G-d has created specifically for you, Eshes Hail.

This is why the many thousands of women who prefer giving their skin a rest on Shabbat, use the permissible Shabbesmakeup’s for Shabbat!  Make up and gain twice as much, both looking wonderful and enjoying a breezy and well-groomed skin care all Shabbat that feels just great and nourishes your facial skin altogether.

Shabbesmakeup is a prestigious and rich mineral makeup whose panacea of properties ensures its carefree use on Shabbat & holidays. The production line is closely supervised by the most meticulous supervision of Badatz Beit Yosef Rabbinical Bodies.

The products are kosher for Passover as well.

Check here for our Kosher certificates!