Shipping & Return Policy

All customers who purchase products on the Shabbes Makeup site may cancel the transaction according to the directives of the Consumer Protection Law, the law of 1981 (“Consumer Protection Law”). The information detailed below is an unbinding summary of the full and binding laws found in the consumer protection law. This briefing is not meant to restrict the rights of Delta or the consumer’s cogenic rights under the consumer protection law.
  • A transaction in which a consumer purchased a product from the Delta Web site can be canceled according to the following, except in cases where transactions included some bespoken product order by the consumer and specifically manufactured for the customer (e.g., items to which a bespoke symbol has been printed on at the request of the consumer), unless in the case the cancellation is due to a defect in the product or a discrepancy between the product provided to the consumer and the information provided to the consumer on the website
Cancellation delays
  • You can cancel your purchase within: 
    • (a) 21 business days from the date of its implementation; 
    • (b) 14 days from the date of delivery of the product; 
    • (c) 14 days from the date of reception of a document containing the information stated in a small section 14g of the consumer protection act 
    • or the latest between them.
  • The transaction can be canceled by the means of a telephone call to the company’s customer support service. The termination of the transaction will be valid only upon reception of the confirmation email from the company authorizing the motion to terminate the transaction. If the purchase cancellation is confirmed, the product must be returned to the company and all costs associated with the return of the product are the customer’s responsibility.
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging with the original invoice and within 14 days from the date the product was purchased.
  • In case of cancellation, the company will return the customer his money.
  • The company will not accept the return of any products that have been opened, damaged, and/or used and/or products that might be opened with no indication of product usage.
  • The company is entitled to charge a cancellation fee of 5% of the product price or a total of 100 NIS – the lower among them.
  • According to the terms set forth, the Company will act accordingly to return the amount paid for the product deducting  the amounts the Company is entitled to deduct according to the abovementioned and according to the law.
  • The return of the payment will be made to the credit card used when completing the transaction.
  • The delivery fee will not be returned under no circumstances and as the consumer returns the product he purchased, additional shipping costs apply.
  • For products purchased under the promotion, the Product Return Policy will take effect according to the promotion conditions as specified by the offer as published by the Company, or the lower price among them.
  • In case the transaction is canceled after the customer has already received the product, the customer will assume the costs of shipping the product back to the company, as well as the cancellation fees.
  • The above transaction cancellation policy will apply only to products purchased on the site. The company will not handle the return of products purchased by the means of a different source

Product transportation & delivery

  • The company will provide & deliver the product to the customer at the address typed when completing the purchase on the site within 14 business days.
  • The company bears no responsibility for any delay and/or deferral in the supply and/or non-delivery, caused by a force majeure and/or any events that are beyond its control.
  • Product shipment will be expedited to the Customer’s delivery address as informed when completing the purchase or to the distribution center of his choice’s address, provided this choice has been conveyed in advance by choosing the option offered on the website
  • This is the company’s address: 35, Benjamin Mintz street, Bnei Brak
  • The price of the product does not include the delivery costs
    • In Israel, three working days
    • Abroad, using EMS, up to 7 working days
    • Abroad, using EPOST, up to 21 working days