Straight from nature and collected from stunning mineral deposits dating back to the early days of Creation, from peek rocks rich in micronutrients and  bright minerals all the way to your wardrobe, a new concept of feminine beauty is finally born.

The world is progressing every day, and so will you!

From now on, your makeup is clean and chemical-free. Your makeup will no longer be just a covering over element, but a means for achieving a radiant and healthy look.

It will make part of your everyday life: when working, during your meetings and at the children’s park. And now for something really fantastic, also on Shabbatot & Holidays! You’ll enjoy your clean and pure look, enhancing your skin’s natural traits, while highlighting your face’s innate features.

You have never felt so sure of yourself, so discreetly present, uniquely stylish and fashionable. 

It is time to meet Shabbes Makeup 

The new makeup brand that will redefine the concept of beauty.

The Rose Quartz stone has been chosen for its unique features and shades of pink to represent love, affection and a subtle, unobtrusive self-esteem. Similarly, our new line of cosmetics is manufactured using exclusively environment-friendly processes meant to bring together our love for our holy shabbath day and the need for making it delightful.

…and more than everything, we are here to make sure you’ll be happy with yourself as you are, natural and prettier than ever!